Comprehensive fire safety solutions for your business
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Effective fire-resisting doors are vital to ensure that the occupants can evacuate to a place of safety. Correctly specified and well-fitted doors will hold back fire and smoke, preventing escape routes from becoming unusable, as well as preventing the fire spreading from one area to another.

AF Consultancy offers a full supply, installation and maintenance service to ensure that your fire doors are installed in accordance with all legislative requirements. We also carry out on site surveys to access your compliance and make recommendations. So whether you need an existing fire door upgraded with intumescent strips and cold smoke seals or a range of new bespoke fire doors, the team here at AF Consultancy can help. So give us a call today for expert help, a professional service and affordable prices!

Fire doors are engineered products that provide life and property saving functions in the event of fire. It is important that they are regularly inspected and maintained permitting them to perform to safety specifications, and that they also comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Depending on the type of building you are responsible for it will influence the frequency of fire door inspections required. Some buildings, such as schools and hospitals, are subject to heavy traffic and the doors have a hard time often being subject to repeated misuse.

Doors should be inspected at least once per annum, it is recommended an adequate inspection and maintenance routine is in place. AF Consultancy (London) Limited can provide thorough inspections and are happy to discuss in detail your needs


AF Consultancy (London) Limited are unique in providing a combination of products, systems and firefighting personnel. We can offer short term and late availability experienced industrial firefighters providing you with the flexibility to maintain essential fire cover whilst alternative means of protection can be arranged.

If you have a gap to fill due to staff leave or you need additional staff to ensure operational compliance, AF Consultancy (London) Limited will be happy to discuss your needs. 


Our training courses are a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical sessions that are designed to develop individual ability and most importantly practical confidence.

AF Consultancy (London) Limited are committed to delivering high quality training and offer an advice giving approach to your training needs. 

Our instructors are experienced in their specialist fields and come from an operational background.

We are aware that every business and organisation has different needs and it can be difficult to schedule availability. That’s why we can provide flexible training making it easier to arrange. 

Under current legislation (the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005) all work places must be provided with a means for fighting fires this being fire extinguishers, fire blankets, safety signs and other fire safety equipment.

Fire extinguishers, as stated by the Fire Safety Order, “require periodic inspections, maintenance and testing”. British Standard 5306 recommends that they should undergo an annual inspection by a competent technician.

AF Consultancy (London) Limited are happy to discuss a choice of options of fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance contracts to ensure you are always kept legally compliant. All fire extinguisher services are carried out in accordance with the relevant British Codes of Practice by fully trained and competent technicians. 

Whether you have an existing Fire Risk Assessment in place or not, AF Consultancy (London) Limited can help. It is essential that you keep the assessment under review and revise it where and when necessary. Best practice is to ensure your current fire risk assessment is updated periodically to cover on-going changes in the building structure, relevant persons and other factors. If you are an employer, owner or occupier of a business or industrial premises or if you have some control over any commercial premises then you have a legal responsibility to have a fire risk assessment in place.

AF Consultancy (London) Limited can provide a Fire Risk Assessment, followed by a detailed report containing a comprehensive written account of observations, recommendations, photographic evidence, executive summary and action plan.

You have a legal responsibility to make sure your business and employees are protected from the dangers of fire.

In cases where a risk exists and it is not being managed, fire authorities have a statutory duty to enforce compliance with the regulations and they may serve a notice on you. In serious cases, prosecutions and fines can be imposed and a worst-case scenario is imprisonment.